It sometimes feels like so many of my major career decisions are things that happen “accidentally on purpose.” That’s how I got started with freelance writing, to some degree, and that’s how I got started with the weekly vlog. All good things must come to an end eventually, however, so I’ve decided I’m ending the vlog. But I’m not going out without a dance party first.

Life is a balancing act. You’re always going to be juggling all sorts of responsibilities and priorities. Some of these are more clearly defined as others, and trying to “make it” on YouTube is murky at best. We can’t help but obsess over views and comments and subscribers… and there’s a constant pressure to create more.

That’s why YouTuber burnout is such a rampant issue.

That’s why I’m ending the vlog.

I need to give myself more time and more flexibility to work on other things. I need some room to breathe. That’s part of the reason why we tried to enjoy more of a “family day” yesterday (as part of the vlog… the irony is not lost on me). We had lunch at Jiu Jiang Japanese Restaurant and dessert at Nana’s Green Tea, followed by a visit to the pumpkin patch at Southlands Heritage Farm.

The highlight, of course, was checking out Jessie Farrell and the Gumboot Kids put on a live concert. They’re a regular staple at the annual Healthy Family Expo, but this was a more intimate venue. Addie had a ball. And so did I.

Isn’t that what we live for?