Adulting is hard. I think we’ve all established that at this point. When you’re balancing all sorts of responsibilities, both personal and professional, it’s easy to feel guilty about taking any time for yourself. How dare you curl up with a good book when there’s laundry to be done?! Truth be told, we could all benefit from prioritizing self-care just a little more. I know I could.

You remember in last week’s vlog that I decided to take more of a lazy weekend where I didn’t work (much). I ended up paying for that “leisure time” over the course of the week, but I still think it’s important to take that time to recharge.

For me, one of my greatest self-care struggles is with trying to get better quality sleep. Now that Addie is a little older, the actual quantity of sleep I get is becoming less of an issue. Even so, I hardly ever wake up feeling fully refreshed. Coffee is a must.

And I also think that most parents can appreciate this general sentiment. We adore our children to bits, but we also require some time away from them every now and then too. It was nice to enjoy some craft beer at Main Street Brewing, especially since I’d been meaning to grab a brew with Stacey Robinsmith (they call him “a dad in the burbs”) for quite a while now.

But I’ll soon be spending a whole weekend with Stacey and three other dads for our #5DadsGoWild camping trip next month. Oh, you haven’t heard? Here’s the SocialDad podcast where we all got together to talk about it.

I’m excited and terrified about the trip. It’s been over 20 years since I’d last been camping. And that time, we had electricity, running waters, and adult supervision!