What does a typical weekend at the Kwan household look like? Well, there’s not really such a thing as a “typical” weekend for us. That’s mostly because no one in this house really adheres to a “typical” Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 kind of schedule. But sometimes, just sometimes, we play like normals and brave the weekend madness for some delicious Costco poutine. And I’ve got an extra pro tip for you too.

It wouldn’t exactly be fair to compare Costco poutine with the “gourmet” poutine you get at La Banquise in Montreal. When it comes to “fast food” poutine, though, nothing compares to Costco. McDonald’s? Burger King? Tim Horton’s? Not even close.

But I’m not normally one to endure the craziness of a Costco parking lot on a Saturday, let alone one on a long weekend. Sometimes, though, that’s just how our schedules work out and we’re looking for something to do. It’s a nutty way to “relax,” that’s for sure.

You might remember when I whipped out a 360 camera for the 360 degree Dot Com Pho vlog late last year. This week’s vlog also features some 360 video, but from a different camera I’m currently reviewing. I managed to find some neat editing software (hence the tiny planet effect), so bear with me as I figure this stuff out.

So yes, in some sense, I did “work” this weekend. I feel like I should be working all the time, but that’s typically not a good idea. Sometimes, I need a break too, because I cannot serve from an empty vessel. Besides, it was Evo weekend.

Did you catch any of the action?