We’re in the full swing of the summer heatwave and all the kiddos are starting to get bored out of their minds. With that in mind, we could probably all benefit from some summer survival tactics, tips and advice for making the most of this gloriously scorching time. It’s time for the What’s Up Wednesdays speedlink!

Kicking things off is Salma Dinani from The Write Balance. She offers a number of useful tips for work-at-home moms (that us dads can probably take to heart too). I know from experience that it’s nearly impossible to be productive when you’ve got little ones underfoot, so you’ve got to find fun and creative ways to keep them occupied.

Did you know that fellow Canadian dad blogger Casey Palmer just turned 35 earlier this month? He’s reflecting back on a year that’s “been incredibly busy” and approaching the daunting task of figuring out how to do this “adulting” thing that we’re supposed to have figured out by now. I’m reminded of the vlog I shot when I turned 35 and how it was such an eventful non-event for me.

The grass is always greener, right? Dr. Kurt Smith addresses a challenge that I’ve been personally facing for some time. He explores why you’re not happy when it appears you have every reason to be happy. Maybe you’ve got a good job and a great family, yet it doesn’t feel like enough. Maybe it’s time you cut yourself some slack.

On a tangentially related note, Peter Duffy recently attended a college reunion with his wife. When he tells people that he is a stay-at-home dad (SAHD), he’s oftentimes met with responses like they’re “talking to a preschooler showing them his or her latest crayon scribbles.” I know the feeling and truly embracing my identity as a SAHD is something I’m working on. Maybe it’s about time we shift those societal expectations, eh?

We could all use a break. Perhaps one of the best solutions for summer survival is to get away from it all, even if only a night or two. Rebecca Coleman suggests taking a staycation in Ladner. There’s a great village market, plenty of places to eat, and even a store called Hygge where you’ll find all sorts of calming bath products and candles. Just chill.

In like manner, Tamara Goyette describes her recent visit to Harrison Hot Springs. It only takes about an hour-and-a-half to drive from Vancouver and you’ll be greeted with fresh air, unique shops, and that gorgeous lake too. There’s also that big inflatable water park out on the water, for those of you who enjoy that kind of thing, as well as a small trail behind the main resort.

Looking for something beyond our beautiful province of British Columbia? Vanessa Choot of Modern Mix Travel went on an entirely different kind of trip when she decided to go hiking in Albania. To be honest, outside of the “Sparrow” character in that episode of The Simpsons, I really know next to nothing about the country! The mountains and lakes sure look breathtaking though.

And finally, when it comes to summer survival, Jeff Bogle reminds us that you don’t need to be a helicopter parent to keep the kiddos safe. While I’m thinking mostly from the perspective of watching a preschooler climb a play structure designed for much older kids, Jeff has a different vantage point. He’s talking more about what it means to raise an autonomous teenage girl.

I could only hope to be so strong when the time comes.