As you might recall in last week’s vlog, I said I wished I had learned how to play a musical instrument when I was younger. I also said that it’s not too late for me to learn now. In rekindling some of that melodious spirit, I decided to play a little music in this week’s vlog. And then there’s a bunch of camera gear and travel stuff too.

Even though I’ve never been much of an RPG kind of guy, The Legend of Zelda is, well, kind of legendary. That’s why I couldn’t help but to pick up an ocarina when I saw them for sale in Jiufen just outside of Taipei. Who would’ve thought I’d find Hyrule in Taiwan?

Outside of my newly rediscovered musical adventures, I’ve got a couple of trips planned for the next little while too. The camera gear that I use has changed significantly since the last time I shot a travel vlog; there’s a lot more going on, even if they’re mostly small gadgets and trinkets. Toys are fun.

I highlighted some of these camera gear acquisitions in a vlog last month, so they might look a little familiar. No, this stuff isn’t nearly as advanced (or as expensive) as what more advanced pro vloggers shoot with, but as Farmer Hoggett so famously said, that’ll do. That’ll do. (At least for the time being.)

Now, who’s ready to hit the road?