A lot of things change when you become a mom or a dad for the first time. I don’t follow professional sports nearly as much as I once did, for example. Instead, my world has been overrun by all sorts of children’s programming. Far and away one of the most popular shows in this household, like so many other households, is PAW Patrol. And now we’ve added to our PAW Patrol toy collection with some new transforming vehicles for 2018.

You might remember when Addie and I went through a grab bag of Goody hair accessories a couple weeks ago. I tried to tie a ponytail, she insisted I wear a headband, and a good time was had by all. This week’s vlog is decidedly even more playful.

In the video above, we go through some of new PAW Patrol toys unleashed upon the world for 2018. These include the Flip & Fly Skye and Flip & Fly Chase transforming vehicles with included figures and projectiles, as well as the Sub Patroller Transforming Vehicle with Ryder in a diving outfit. Plus more projectiles. So many projectiles.

Something we figured out after we had already finished filming our unboxing video, conveniently enough, is how the Flip and Fly vehicles are supposed to transform. Maybe I should have read the instructions. Or watched the commercial beforehand.

You really do just grab the tail and literally tilt the whole vehicle upward (like you’re scooping popcorn). The wings open up and the rescue hook flips down. To close it back up, you simply tilt the whole vehicle downward (like you’re emptying your popcorn scoop). The wings close and the rescue hook flips back up. *smacks forehead* Duh!


Addie’s been having a lot of fun playing with these toys the last couple of days. She enjoys the different compartments in the Sub Patroller, including the ability to open up a hatch toward the rear of the underside where you can store additional pups (and view them from the window). And it probably won’t surprise you to hear that we’ve already lost some projectiles. Because of course we did.

All three PAW Patrol toys featured are available now, as well as the Rubble and Marshall variants of the Flip and Fly transforming vehicles. Thanks again to Spin Master for hooking us up.