Time. There is never enough time. This seems to be common mantra of the 21st century as so many of us feel so stretched, so overwhelmed. If you’re anything like me, you want to do all the things, and this leaves very little space for leisure time. It takes a conscious effort — and some designer purses, apparently — to make some “me time,” because you’ll never “find” it otherwise.

Aside from diving back into the world of Street Fighter V to try my hand at the new arcade mode (which really should have been in there from the beginning), this week’s vlog also features an extra extravagant dim sum adventure in Richmond.

Located across the street from the Richmond Olympic Oval in the same complex as T&T Supermarket and Copa Cafe, Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine attempts to over a more unique and upscale dining experience.

We tried such dim sum specialties as steamed truffle shui mai ($7.80), baked BBQ pork bun and marshmallow ($8.80), supreme three treasure rice roll ($9.80), sweet potato ladies handbags crisp ($8.80) and souffle topped with almond flakes ($8.80). It wasn’t cheap — even with the “VIP card,” the total bill came to over $150 for six adults and a toddler — but they’re having no trouble attracting customers.

Truffle shui mai at Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine, Richmond BC

You know what is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself on the weekend? Nothing. Plan to do nothing and let the days unfold as they will, because if you’ve put in the effort during the week, that’s enough. You need time to recharge, as you cannot serve from an empty vessel. You need some “me time” and that’s okay. So do I.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go home and be family man. Easy operation.