Do you oftentimes find yourself simply going through the motions without really thinking about what you’re doing? Do you take all the great things in your life for granted, because you just assume they’re a given. With American Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) coming up this week, I thought I’d take a moment to express some gratitude and give thanks.

It’s all about perspective, really, because we can easily forget just how good we have it sometimes. This is something I expressed when we observed Canadian Thanksgiving last month, but I didn’t really go through to consider the specific things that I should be thankful for.

Looking back, I think the last time I went through and put together such a list was way back in January when I framed it as “five reasons to be alive today,” as inspired by vlogger (and now fellow father) Craig Benzine. I compiled a happiness list last November too, and while several of those items certainly still apply, I also wanted to keep this year’s list reasonably original too.

Because life isn’t the same. Because life changes and we have to keep moving forward, taking the time to recognize the good things. You know, like great fast food coffee for only a buck. In the immortal words of the random Robocop meme guy, “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving where you are, what are you thankful for? Share your thoughts and gratitude by leaving a comment below!