Remember how I said in last week’s vlog that I only get together with my friends for lunch once a year? I lied, because here we are with back-to-back Dot Com Pho episodes. It’s like the good old days before we all grew up and started adulting. And now we get to experience life in 360 degrees with a fancy new toy too.

If you watched Dot Com Pho regularly back when we used to get together every week, you’ll likely recognize several of the characters in this week’s vlog. I’ve been friends with Ed Lau and Stephen Fung for a great number of years, and it was through Dot Com Pho that I met Stacey Robinsmith, Spencer Whitney, Vance Sova and Aaron Koo too.

Portions of this week’s vlog (you can probably figure out which portions) were shot using the Vivitar DVR988HD 360 VR Action Camera that I’m currently reviewing. It’s a nifty little toy and I can use the accompanying software to “interpret” the 360 degree footage in some rather creative ways. The “little planet” view is pretty weird.

As I am blessed/cursed with genes such that managing facial hair isn’t exactly atop my list of priorities, the Ice Safety Razor Travel Kit featured as the gadget of the week isn’t exactly up my alley. It might be for you, though, and it could make an excellent Christmas gift for a special someone in your life.

Me, I’ll stick to Ninja Turtles and Transformers… and 360 cameras. Hopefully it won’t be another year before we get back together for some lunch and good conversation.

Dot Com Pho 360