Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials? If it’s not human, what is it? When convention and science offer us no answers, might we not finally turn to the fantastic as a plausibility? The truth is out there and we were determined to find it aboard the Alien Invasion Stanley Park Ghost Train over the weekend. I want to believe.

One of the most iconic TV series ever shot in Vancouver has to be The X-Files. Fervent fans looked forward to following Agents Mulder and Scully every week, exploring the paranormal and attempting to explain the unexplainable. It was truly a cultural phenomenon. For some reason, an episode involving nosebleeds sticks with me to this day.

The last time we rode the Ghost Train in Stanley Park was seven years ago. That Halloween, the theme was Alice in Nightmareland, a haunting re-imagining of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. This year, they borrowed inspiration from The X-Files and developed Alien Invasion.

In addition to the train itself, there’s “Area 52” with some kids’ activities, like arts and crafts and face-painting by donation. You’ll also find a haunted maze, food vendors, and a small pumpkin patch with hay bales for the children. It’s not going to be as impressive as one of the many local pumpkin patches around town, but it’s something to keep them occupied.

While we were waiting to board the Alien Invasion Ghost Train, the dad in front of us reassured his kids (I’m guessing they were around 5 and 7 or so) that it wasn’t going to be too spooky. He said, “If she (gesturing toward Addie) can go, then you’ll be just fine.” What he didn’t know is that Addie isn’t your typical three-year-old; she doesn’t frighten easily. The website does advise parental discretion for children under six.

The Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train: Alien Invasion runs until October 31. Adult tickets are $12, senior and youth tickets are $9, and children 3-12 are $8. The matinee train, with no live performers, is $6 each for all ages.

Now we get to look forward to the Bright Nights Christmas Train in a couple months!

Alien Invasion

Pumpkin Patch