One of the greatest benefits to my life as a work-at-home freelancer is that I get to enjoy a relatively high level of flexibility in my schedule. If I need to bugger off for a few hours to run errands in the middle of a weekday afternoon, I can do that. And that’s exactly what I do in this week’s vlog before coming home and possibly setting the house on fire.

Spoiler alert.

We survived.

If you caught last week’s vlog, then you’ll already know about my new book, Beyond the Baby Babble. While I don’t exactly have a big marketing plan in place, I want to get it “out there” in front of as many people as possible. To that end, I caught up with Joseph Planta from The Commentary to talk about it on his On The Line podcast interview series.

This isn’t my first time going “on the line” with Joseph. I’ve been on the program before to chat about a variety of topics, including a couple of sessions to talk about my first two books. Perhaps it’s only fitting that I return to talk about my third, Beyond the Baby Babble. He said he really enjoyed reading it, as it felt so personal and he could tell how much fatherhood really means to me.

As a freelance writer, I’ve developed this mindset where I seek to find a one-to-one relationship between the work that I do and the money that it brings in. I completely recognize just how narrow a perspective this really is, especially now as a father. You can accomplish a lot and not earn a single penny, like converting your baby’s crib into a toddler bed.

Or setting off the fire alarm in your house again.

I encourage you to listen to the full “On The Line” interview on It’s available as an MP3 download or you can stream it directly in your web browser. He also has subscription feeds set up for iTunes, Android and RSS if you want to keep up with his ongoing interview series.

Beyond the Baby Babble: Surviving Life as a Work at Home Dad is available now in both paperback and Kindle formats. If you’d like a signed copy, contact me to arrange the details.