Different people like to collect different things. Some may be drawn to coins or postage stamps from all around the world. A friend of mine was really into Starbucks cards for a while. Back in my younger years, I gained an interest in collecting celebrity autographs. In this week’s vlog, I walk you through my modest little collection, including several notable legends of entertainment, as well as a couple of former Governor Generals. And one snarky pet detective.

I’ve lived in Vancouver practically my whole life, but I’m always learning and discovering something new about this city and the surrounding metropolitan area. When I moved to North Burnaby, I made a note of the miniature railroad at the north end of Confederation Park, but it wasn’t until yesterday that we actually got around to riding the darn thing. I’m glad we did.

You might remember when we tried going a couple months ago, only to learn that it is closed during the week. We were wondering why it was so quiet. When we got to the miniature train yesterday, just as they were opening their doors (and tracks) for the day, it was already jam-packed with families anxious to hop aboard. Thankfully, the wait was short and we were on our merry little way in no time. Choo-choo!

Never be afraid to be a tourist in your own town. You’d be amazed at how much you can find if you’re willing to explore a little. If it would be something worth doing while you were traveling, then it’s something worth doing if you live here too.

Now, when it comes to collecting things, I don’t do very much of that anymore. I’ve accumulated a small smartphone collection, from the HTC Wizard to ZTE Axon 7 mini, but it wasn’t exactly for the sake of collecting them. I’ve used them all. One other semi-active collection I do have consists of tiny jars filled with beach sand from my travels, including Australia, Mexico and Hawaii.

Do you collect anything? Is it weird and wonderful?

Burnaby Central Railway