In last week’s vlog, I highlighted ten key experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. I discussed learning how to catch houseflies with my grandpa, for instance, and I talked about how it felt to be a bully (and to be bullied) in school. This week, I take to the Internet and challenge my friends and followers to ask me anything. Yes, anything. It’s my first AMA!

A funny thing happened on the way to the vlog today, you might say. When I first put the idea out there on Facebook, the response was tepid at best. It didn’t feel like I was going to get enough questions to make this Ask Me Anything worthwhile. Nonetheless, I persisted and persevered, soliciting questions a second time.

And it worked!

My hope, when I came up with this idea in the first place, was that the questions would mostly surround my professional life. I thought people might ask me about my experience with blogging or writing a book. I also expected some questions about fatherhood and what it’s like to raise a daughter.

There’s some of that, like talking about career choices, but my friends are weird and they like to ask weird questions. Like who my favorite Spice Girl is. And if I would like to fight 100 Ed Laus the size of ducks or one duck the size of an Ed Lau. Why he chose ducks is beyond me. He did tell me, though, that regardless of size, he would fight dirty.

And I wouldn’t expect it any other way.