I like to travel. I like to see other parts of the world and experience some of the local culture. And sometimes all that requires is a quick three-hour (or so, depending on traffic) drive south of the border. So, we loaded up our compact SUV with our NEXUS cards in tow and made our way down to the Emerald City for a few days. Welcome to the Seattle vlog.

We went into full tourist mode, trekking down to the historic Pike Place Market, wandering around downtown Seattle to look at (but not ride) the Monorail, and gazing up at the Space Needle (which Addie tells us is the “Lookout” from PAW Patrol). We even went to Ride the Ducks of Seattle with “quackers” around our necks.

The Seattle Ducks are modeled after an amphibious military vehicle that was developed during World War II. The idea is that you could take this truck and literally drive it straight into and out of the water. The original had no sound system or proper seating, as it was meant simply to transport as many troops as possible to storm enemy beaches, but the core design is still much the same.

And although we had been to Woodland Park Zoo before, this was the first time for our daughter. She loved running around the big open spaces and getting up close and personal with the many animals they have on exhibit. She was particularly interested in the river otters and she loved feeding the birds.

Not shown in the vlog was the afternoon and evening we spent up at University Village, an open-air shopping complex near the University of Washington campus. The upscale shopping center reminded me a lot of The Grove in Los Angeles, save for a few key differences. There’s a heated outdoor play area for the kids and there’s a Din Tai Fung.

This was also my first time visiting one of the Amazon Books brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re a Prime member, you pay the same price as the website and don’t have to wait for shipping. And when you get to the checkout, you can actually pay using the Amazon app on your phone. We picked up a couple books for Addie.

No, our mini vacation in Seattle was nowhere near as exotic as our time in San Jose del Cabo, but that doesn’t mean it was any less enjoyable. We drove a truck into Lake Union with a guy wearing a shark head, we ate some fancy xiaolongbao, and we watched the world famous fish throwers at Pike Place. I’d say that’s a win.

Ride the Ducks of Seattle

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo