Everyone says that if you want to achieve your fitness goals — whether that means losing weight, improving your cardiovascular health, or whatever else — it really boils down to two main factors: diet and exercise. Intellectually, I know that. I really do. Physically and emotionally? Not so much. Watch as I attempt to balance it all out in the wash with this week’s family-friendly vlog.

I’ve said before that becoming father has been the most profound change of my life. By a country mile. It’s like someone dropped a grenade in the middle of the room. I rarely watch hockey or play video games anymore and my whole sense of what’s really important in life has irreversibly shifted. All the little things add up and you can go months or even years before you really notice.

For me, it’s tennis. As far as I can recall, I haven’t picked up a tennis racket since the day my daughter was born over two and a half years ago. I might have, but I don’t remember. That’s another thing that goes when you have a kid. Heard of “pregnant” brain or “mommy” brain? Apparently, “daddy” brain is a thing too.

What were we talking about again?

Anyway, we decided to head down to the local courts and smack a few balls around for a couple of hours. I was never particularly good at tennis, but among the sports I actually play(ed), it’s my favorite. It’s far more enjoyable than just running, because it’s running with a purpose. You could say I “love” it and we had a “smashing” good time. It was great to get back into the “swing” of things. I felt like a “winner.”

And then we loaded up the table with dish after dish at Hanwoori on Kingsway for Korean BBQ. It’s not that Korean food is unhealthy; it’s that the sheer quantity of food consumed probably nullified any health benefits I would have gained from those couple hours of tennis. Oh well. C’est la vie. Or whatever the equivalent Korean term is. Johayo? Gwenchanayo?

As an aside, following last week’s scientific adventures, this is the second vlog that was shot (mostly) using my new camera setup. What do you think? The video quality is certainly better than before, but I’ve still got a lot to learn and practice! It’s a good thing I put up a new vlog every Monday, eh?

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant