I meant to do this last week, but I totally didn’t realize at the time that it was already the end of April. How does that even happen? (Don’t answer that. I have a fundamental understanding of how the passage of time works.) It feels like only yesterday that we came back from Los Cabos and so it is perhaps only fitting that this month’s (read: last month’s) speedlink is focused on travel and expanding one’s horizons. Here is the wanderlust edition of What’s Up Wednesdays.

Let’s stick with the Mexican theme for just a moment. Friends Janette Shearer, Kat Petrunia, and Heydy Lopez decided to throw themselves a fancy Cinco de Mayo party a few days early. They put together a Tex-Mex style menu, including tacos, Mexican soda, sangria, nacho-flavoured popcorn, cactus cookies and churros. Looks like they had a great time!

Continuing with our digital journey through Latin America, Krystin Tysire recently spent a week sailing around Cuba and the Dominican Republic with Fathom. She had the opportunity to enjoy “a wonderful live soundtrack” as she visited sacred buildings, learned about the local culture, and soaked in plenty of sunshine.

Just because you want to get away doesn’t mean you need to break the bank on an international vacation Jamie Dunlop Khau kicked up her feet and took some time to relax at the Victoria Marriot Inner Harbour. You get a stunning view of the harbour, the hotel boasts plenty of modern amenities, and the whirlpool is fantastic for relaxing after a busy day.

Vancouverites have access to many day trip options within a few hours drive of the city. If you’re looking for some great eats, Nick Schafer offers his hand-picked list of vegan restaurants in Whistler. Just because ski season is over doesn’t mean that Whistler Village isn’t worth visiting until next winter, right?

How about a trip down memory lane? Fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air may be interested in what Art Eddy learned during his interview with Alfonso Ribeiro. Yes, in addition to tearing it up on Dancing with the Stars, Carlton Banks is also a dad who enjoys non-competitive race car driving. And he believes that second place is first loser.

Do you want to do all the things? You’re not alone. In reading Year of Yes by Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, Gillian Behnke discovered that finding a true balance is nearly impossible. Put another way, the ability to “do it all” is an illusion. There will always be trade-offs to absorb.

So, should you throw all your heart and effort into just a single endeavor? That’s probably not great for your mental well-being. Kacey Mya explains why you should pursue non-tech related hobbies. They can help to reduce stress, improve your ability to bond with other people, and expand your horizons.

As parents, we get frustrated and angry. Often. And sometimes we lash out on our children as a result. Debbie Akerman-Davidov describes her experience with mom guilt as she yelled at her four-year-old for his inability to put on his shoes. She knew she was wrong and felt guilty for doing it. But, for better or worse, we’re only human, right?

Do you indulge your little ones in a little too much screen time? I know I do. It’s not all bad, though, as Jennifer Roskamp points out some of the key life lessons we as adults can learn from Daniel Tiger. “Whatever you do, think about what other people need too.”

Need a laugh that will simultaneously make you cringe a little? Angelo Hernandez has gathered up quite the collection of dad jokes to get over the hump day blues. Come on now. Dad jokes are not all bad, are they?