If you look closely enough and you take the time, anything can be interesting to anyone, because everything is related in some way to something they care about.

As a general rule of thumb, people hate boring things. They don’t want to watch boring movies, they don’t want to read boring books and they don’t want to attend boring events. They want to be engaged and entertained. Does this mean that you can only talk about socioeconomic policy with someone who is strangely passionate about socioeconomic policy? Vsauce creator Michael Stevens certainly doesn’t think so.

Everyone has their preferences and their interests. While some people are keenly aware of the latest fashion trends, I couldn’t care less. Conversely, while I follow all the latest rumors and rumblings in the smartphone world, other people just see the phone as a simple tool and nothing more. But there’s more to it than this.

Many people will tell you that they are not at all interested in politics or that they don’t care about grammar. At the same time, if you can find a way to connect these topics to something that they do care about, you can find common ground and grab their attention.

I might not care all that much about fashion, for instance, but I would be interested to hear about the entrepreneurial journeys of the brands’ founders. You might not be that interested in politics until specific policies directly impact your own life, like funding for schools or affordable health care.

I don’t know about you, but I want to know things. My curiosity is insatiable and, like an annoying preschooler, I can be a limitless source of why. Why is our solar system flat? Why do cars drive on the left side of the road in England? Why do we have paper money that’s actually made from plastic? On Vsauce, Stevens asks a lot of questions and he connects these answers to as broad an audience as possible by finding common ground. He’s all over the place, because we’re all over the place.

If you are a content creator yourself, if you run training or professional development programs, or if you simply want to help your kids with their homework, this is in invaluable skill to nurture. Nothing is boring if you frame it the right way for the right audience.

With over 11 million subscribers to his main YouTube channel (plus about 7 million more across the two spinoff channels), Michael Stevens has clearly found the “secret sauce” to keeping people interested and entertained on the Internet. What happens when we run out of usernames? How can we count past infinity? Inquiring minds want to know. Keep asking questions.