This journey, with its many arduous challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, would be worth the sacrifice. Or so I’ve been told.

Many a tale has been passed down, from generation to generation, of legendary greats who overcame the odds. They braved the harsh winters of the Great White North, fiercely battling the elements, with one another, and against fate itself. They were driven only by the promise, inspired by dreams of immense power and wealth immeasurable.

They fully realized that for any one of them to make it, for any one of them to wield the heavenly gifts of cryptic prophecy, many more would have to fail. Many more would be forgotten in the fabled lore of years gone by. But they clutched onto this fleeting hope, this glimmer of chance, like a single mother shielding her only child from a raging storm. They must persevere. I must persevere.

I could have taken the easier path. I could have followed the safer route. But I had to try, if only for the slimmest of possibilities. Equipped only with the barest of necessities, I endured. Fighting through torrential rainfall and gale force winds, I fought. The hardship was immense. Finally arriving at the gate of the mythical temple, I sought refuge within its distinguished gates.

This was it. This was my time. This was my moment to shine.

Stepping forward into the blinding light, I was overcome by the perplexing scripture strewn across the far wall. Many before me had looked upon these puzzling instructions before. Many have sought the same. I was not alone that day, but I could feel a wave of sheer isolation wash over me. The trial was upon me.

Confronted by the guardian of the ancient temple, I sheepishly muttered the venerable incantation that I had practiced so many times before. Without even looking up, he waved me aside and told me to wait. And so I did. And then, I finally received what I had come for.

The culmination of all the sacrifice. The epic conclusion to this unexpected journey. It was now within my grasp. I gazed down upon the treasured relic, considering what secrets might be contained within. What wisdom would it bestow on me? How would my life change?

With trembling hands, bated breath, and heart aflutter, I slowly and carefully unraveled the ancient scroll. Uttering aloud the sage words scrawled across its fragile surface, I said:


#RollUpTheRim, Image credit: Chris Golden

The rim was indeed rolled that day. It was rolled with the utmost of optimism and yet the win escaped my clutches. Again. The quest for a free coffee or donut would have to start afresh with a new cup. But that’s another double-double for another day.

Image credit: Chris Golden (@lyteforce)