One of the ways that I endeavor to give back to the blogging community that has already given me so much is to link around to terrific posts written by my fellow bloggers. That’s the idea behind What’s Up Wednesdays, even if it may not be as hip and cool as it once was to do one of these speedlinks.

Kicking off this month’s collection is Zach Rosenberg of 8BitDad. He got hit right in the feels and started bawling his eyes out over a toilet paper commercial. The commercials “feature dads prominently in the mix,” depicting them as both soft and strong, like good TP.

Remember last week when I shared 10 albums from my youth? Radio personality and dad blogger Buzz Bishop did the same, but with a twist. The difference is that he still has every album on his list. I did a CD purge several years ago, but I kept at least a couple dozen. What’s on your list?

If you think that Buzz is a bit of a pack rat, then maybe you should heed the advice of Margarita Reczek as she shares some TED Talks that will inspire you to be a minimalist. It’s true. We get far too caught up in collecting things. When you let go, your mind is free to focus on more important things.

You might turn to IMDB to get a summary on a TV show you’re interested in watching. Those can be useful. Nick Downey isn’t quite as useful as he attempts to explain a cartoon poorly in 140 characters or less. Can you guess what cartoon this is? “Talking dogs save stupid people in the most dangerous ways possible.”

Don’t call them new year’s resolutions. You might not even want to use SMART goals. Instead, consider taking a page out of Melody Owen‘s playbook and set three types of goals for different purposes. You’ve got your outcome goals (big dreams), performance goals (milestones) and process goals (small steps). They all serve a purpose.

Have you thought about buying an electric car? Davindra Ramnarine offers his impressions after taking the 2017 Chevy Volt out for a test drive. While the car starts in the $38,000 range in Canada, it is eligible for up to $12,747 in government rebates and such. That’s far more affordable than a Tesla Model S and possibly more useful than a Nissan Leaf.

While I’m still relatively new to regular vlogging, I’ve been doing YouTube videos for a number of years. And I agree with a lot of what Cindy Burgess has to say about what to wear on camera. Dense and complicated patterns can really confuse the camera and make for a rather unpleasant video. Keep it simple and keep it classy.

And finally, we get a particularly heartfelt blog post by soon-to-be father Chris Golden. Get out the tissues as he asks his unborn daughter whether or not she will sing with him. They probably won’t post it on YouTube, but if she does sing, I sure hope he does. Let it go! Let it go!