It’s been a hectic week and, as per usual, I feel like I am constantly playing a game of catch-up. As I evaluate my to-do list at the end of each day, I can’t help but to feel disappointed in myself. Look at all those items left unticked. Look at all those tasks that have been pushed from one day to the next, because there is always a “tomorrow” and very few of them really have to be done “today.”

This is coming from both a personal and a professional perspective. We told ourselves that we would get our Santa pictures done early this year, but we left it to the last minute, only getting around to it yesterday. We told ourselves that we would finally buy a proper Christmas tree this year, but we didn’t put up any decorations at all. I told myself that I would get started on this review, that article, and that other project weeks ago, and yet they all remain on the ever-growing to-do list. There’s just never any time.

And I feel horrible about it. And then I feel horribly guilty about feeling horribly guilty. This is a tremendously dangerous and hurtful meta game I’m playing. There is always more to do and never enough time, energy or sanity to do it. Personal time conflicts with work time (and vice versa). There is always a sacrifice to be made.

But sometimes, you get these little glimmers of insight that help put it all in perspective. As I was wasting away on Facebook yet again, I saw a post from my blogging friend Tamara Goyette. You might know her from Discovering Parenthood. She wrote, “I hope you take some time away from blogging and enjoy the season with the ones you love.”

Take some time away from blogging? That’s just blasphemous, isn’t it?

But is it really? For years, I dedicated myself to publishing a new post on this blog each and every day. More recently, I decided that it can be every other day… but then I missed Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. That’s two days in a row with no new content. I felt ashamed, but these rules are all quite arbitrary. And breaking them (or at least bending them) can be justified.

There are two reasons why I was unable to put up a new blog post yesterday. First, I was positively drained the night before. I could have thrust the “third shift” upon me, but I knew the resulting content would likely be quite dreadful. So, I took an early night, read a little and went to bed. Second, I was unable to write the post in the morning because we spent that time getting Santa pictures instead.

I don’t know about you, but the quality time spent and memories made with my daughter are likely more valuable than just one of the over 3,000 posts (and counting) on this blog. I probably won’t even remember missing yesterday’s post, but I’d definitely regret skipping a year of Santa photos. That’s just non-negotiable.

Or I’m just making excuses again.

While I cannot be certain about how much time I’ll actually take away from blogging, I do need to remind myself to enjoy the season with the ones I love. Family time is invaluable and I mustn’t forget it. The lines may get blurred, like in my most recent vlog where a “personal time” visit manifested into a “professional” creation, but that’s okay. As long as I get that personal time.