As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the weekly speedlink on Beyond the Rhetoric is now going to be a monthly thing. So, here’s the first monthly version of What’s Up Wednesdays. It’s bigger and badder than ever?

Have you ever noticed that everyone on the Internet seems to steal from everyone else? Darrell Milton sure has and he’s tired of it. Memes are memes, but even in the interest of fair use, please remember to give credit where credit is due. It’s a Flaming Homer, not a Flaming Moe.

Moving along, we have Jamie Dunlop Khau giving her thoughts on raising a strong-willed daughter. I remember reading somewhere that “stubborn” children grow up to be more successful adults, because they’re more likely to stick to their guns and demand more from those around them. She’s assertive, not bossy.

Money may not be the only indication of success, but it is one of the biggest quantifiable components. Jeff Desjardins reminds us, though, that a million dollars just isn’t what it used to be. This is especially true in Vancouver where it is practically impossible to buy a single family house without breaking the seven figure mark.

As much as we may swoon over celebrities, some of the best stories come from everyday people. If you like Humans of new York, you might like the story that Barbara O’Neal is sharing about her person of the day from a few years ago. She found “Tasha” the cab driver to be quite the fascinating character.

We all want to be happier. The challenge is figuring out how to do that. Michael Riley shares some tips on what he’s done to improve his life in the last 12 months. Some of the smallest changes, like giving yourself permission to know you are a big deal, can have the most profound impact on your outlook on life.

My good friend Stacey Robinsmith has taken a rather dramatic leap of faith, making the big blog move to amalgamate his various online properties into a single unified blog. His new home on the web will encompass everything about his life in the burbs, including eating in the burbs, carrying leather bags in the burbs, and beyond.

Care to expand your horizons rather than watch mindless drivel? Jessica Blumel shares her list of great Netflix documentaries you should add to your queue right now. Whether you’re into foodie content like Chef’s Table or you want to explore the universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos, there’s bound to be something on this list to grab your interest.

Thanksgiving (both Canadian and American) has now come and gone, so I hope Dave Lesser lived up to his promise to sit at the kids table this year. The adult table with its proper place settings and serious political conversation just isn’t a fun place to be. Wouldn’t you rather splatter cranberry sauce at your cousin across the table?

Easily one of the hottest items this holiday shopping season is the “new” NES Classic Edition. If you’re lucky enough to land one, get the most out of your retro gaming session with these tips and tricks from “Z-Ro” Zach Rosenberg. I read that as Zed-dro (rhymes with Pedro). Long live the almighty Konami code!

And finally, we end on a more sobering, somber thought with Alison Tedford. She highlights a local organization called HeadsUpGuys that aims to raise awareness about and eliminate the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and suicide prevention. Many men may be hesitant to discuss the subject, because they might think like it detracts from their masculinity. We need to change that.

We’ll (hopefully) be back next month with another roundup! If you’ve got a post you’d like to share, hit me up with a link on Twitter to be considered for inclusion.