From a professional and marketing context, I understand that it is usually in your best interest to approach a very specific niche. This is true if you want to have a successful YouTube channel, just as it is true if you want to have a successful mindset. But that comes from a commercial mindset, which might explain why I can sometimes be at a loss when people ask me what Beyond the Rhetoric is all about. Truth be told, it’s all about a lot of things. And one of those things is now fashion?

Perhaps first a little bit of background. As you may have noticed, I cover a lot of subject areas on this blog, from restaurant reviews to grammar tips, hotel room tours to work-at-home dad struggle.

That’s partly because this blog is really just reflective of my life and serves, in some way, as a living portfolio for my freelance writing. It’s not really a commercial property, per se, because I don’t really want to restrict what I can and cannot write about here. The whole point is that I can write about anything. And so, here we are.

A little while back, my friend Dennis Pang from Popcorn reached out to see if anyone was interested in checking out some new shoes from a local startup. Popcorn does PR and media relations stuff for a lot of different companies and SKYE Footwear, as I imagine, is one of those companies. The Kickstarter for the shoes finished last week, handily achieving the funding goal.

In the interim, before the final retail version launches some time next year, I was provided with a “prototype” sample of one of the shoe styles. It’s called the Powll (yes, the missing “E” is on purpose) and it’s supposed to be one of these comfortable shoes you can dress up or down for any occasion. The elastic “laces” mean you never actually have to tie them, all while provided a snug and comfortable fit. The other styles — Lons and Rbutus, both with Vancouver-inspired names — are similar in scope.

To be fair, I’m joking (probably) that I’m a fashion blogger now. The only other time, to my recollection, that I ever “reviewed” any apparel or anything similar was with a couple of dinosaur shirts back in 2009. That being said, will these shoes kick down some new doors of opportunity for me? Maybe. (Probably not.) We’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s a quick unboxing video of my new kicks. I wonder how they do in the rain.