5 Instagram Webcomics You Need to Follow

For better or for worse, social media has become an integral part of both my personal and professional life. I use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends and keep up with the pulse of the web. But I’m also constantly in search of entertainment, if only for a few seconds at a time. Blame my goldfish-caliber attention span. Hey look! A castle! And webcomics can deliver that quick dose of levity with just a couple taps of the screen.

Growing up, I thought I wanted to be a cartoonist, idolizing the likes of Bill Watterson, Gary Larson and Jim Davis in particular. And while “making it” as a cartoonist for newspaper syndication is probably even less realistic today than it was then, the Internet has provided a whole new opportunity to reach an even wider audience on your own terms. And we, as the content-consuming public, can benefit from it.

There are many webcomics on Tumblr, to be sure, and you can subscribe to your favorites via RSS, but the incredible mobile convenience of Instagram simply cannot be denied. Looking for a quick chuckle or even a glimmer of existential insight on the go? Here are five of my favorite webcomics on Instagram. Give them a follow!

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Poorly Drawn Lines doesn’t really live up to its self-deprecating title. The art style is simple and lighthearted, which is exactly what you want out of your casual webcomics. Be warned that the content can get a little crude and the language a little blue, but if you’re offended by a cartoon spider ripping the head off a cartoon fly, you should probably stay off the Internet.

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Owlturd is presented as is if it were largely superficial and inconsequential. Behind the colorful humor, however, you’ll uncover some powerful insights into the human condition. The comic is unfraid to tackle personality conflicts, social anxieties, and profound internal struggles. It’s beautifully poignant and consistently puts a smile on my face.

Sarah Andersen offers a webcomic that really speaks to the younger generation who have grown up, but haven’t quite figured out how to adult yet. We really get into the head of the quiet, introverted protagonist and her struggles to keep up with the real world. Women’s issues are approached regularly, which I really appreciate.

Chris Hallbeck probably isn’t going to win any awards for his incredible artistic prowess, as pretty well all of his comics consist of a couple of stick figures talking to one another. That doesn’t mean you should ignore him, though! The comical observations are mostly harmless, poking fun at the ridiculousness of modern society. What the duck?

Fowl Language Comics is perfect for all the sleep-deprived and patience-drained parents out there. I catch myself nodding my head often, like when he illustrated how kids really don’t understand what “five minutes” really means or how a day without the kids is harder than a day with the kids. The jokes really quack me up (sorry) in a heartwarming, fatherly kind of way.

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