It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time to get over those hump day blues with a whirlwind tour of the blogosphere again. We start off with Trent Hamm coming to terms with being cheap. For the longest time, he insisted that he was simply being “frugal,” because being “cheap” carries a different set of connotations. How far do you go with being smart with your money?

How much of yourself do you put on social media? What about the rest of your family? After giving this a lot of thought, Elizabeth Bastos has decided that she is going to stop writing about her children online. It all started when she wrote a blog post about her son’s first signs of puberty. There are certain lines that you may or may not feel comfortable crossing and I suppose that was one of them, because she was willing to go there.

But our kids play such a huge role in our lives! How can we not share their experiences with those around us? Janette Shearer is getting her daughter ready for September by letting Ava put together her own back to school shopping list. The YumBox bento box looks like a terrific alternative to the typical brown lunch bag and how can you start a new school year without a fresh set of Mr. Sketchy gel crayons?

Remember when I was talking about burritos and chimichangas last week? Maybe Rob Ainbinder heard me, because he’s got a great recipe for grilled steak fajitas on his blog. If you’re in charge of making dinner decisions this week, you might want to hop on over there to see how it’s done. Remember to get that marinade going at least four hours (ideally 24 hours) ahead of time to really soak up those flavors.

It’s a lot cooler to be a little geeky these days compared to when I was growing up as a kid. John Wahl explores the hip hop sub-genre of “nerdcore” with “chip-hop” artist Mega Ran. He started out emceeing under the stage name Random before combining his lyrical artistry with his love of video games. As you might have figured out, the “Mega Ran” name is inspired by the video game series Mega Man. He even got to partner up with Capcom for a licensed re-release of his album.

Image credit: pin add (Flickr)