What's Up Wednesdays: With Great Power

As regular readers of this blog already know, I gather up and share some great blog posts every Wednesday. This week, we start off with Tara Jensen and her adventures with the Netflix Stream Team. One of her favorite shows is Orange Is the New Black. It didn’t interest her at first, but like me, she got drawn in to unique characters like “Crazy Eyes” Suzanne Warren above. Netflix binge-watching is dangerous business. I still need to finish season three, so no spoilers please!

Moving over to the wonderful world of technology, Ray Ebersole has streamlined some of his process by leveraging the great power and efficiency of PowerShell. He had to update some software across 37 servers and instead of running through each one individually, he wrote and tested a script using a PowerShell console. The regular process would have taken over three hours. After writing and testing the script for an hour, the actual update process only took four minutes.

When I started posting up pictures of the gourmet baby food my wife was making for our little one, people told us that we should put the recipes together into a cookbook. We haven’t (yet), but Rebecca Coleman is most definitely writing a cookbook of her own. She just signed a deal with Canadian publisher Robert Rose and the book will be ready for print some time next spring. That’s exciting news and proves that “food bloggers” can be legitimate pros in the kitchen too.

Sometimes the best trips are right in your own backyard. Alicia Haque recently went whale watching in Tofino and had a glorious time. In addition to the whales out in the open water, she got to see sea otters, a colony of sea lions, and even some bald eagles. Her post outlines what you might expect on such a trip. I’ve been to Tofino before, but I did my whale watching near Steveston Village a few years back. It’s quite the sight!

What if you lack the funds to satisfy your wanderlust? Chris Golden describes a new program called Embarq by Air Canada. Building upon the current trend of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding through sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter, Embarq lets you set a fundraising target for your globetrotting adventure. Simply pick your destination and ask strangers on the Internet to help chip in. The program is currently open only to residents of Canada.

And that’s it for your hump day update! If you’d like to be featured in a future edition of What’s Up Wednesdays, hit me up on Twitter.