Distracted Driving

Every Wednesday, I share a collection of fun and interesting blog posts from around the web. Today, we start off with Stacey Robinsmith in the ‘burbs with his thoughts on local law enforcement focusing on catching distracted drivers. He was sitting at his favorite diner when he noticed that the police were quick to pull over anyone looking at their phones whilst behind the wheel, but they ignored the drivers who would sail through red lights. What is actually more dangerous?

Moving over to the domestic front, we have “Funky Dung” Eric Williams describing his experience with the family’s new adopted cat Gabriel. The transition process will naturally take some time, as you certainly can’t expect the furry companion to cozy up to you for snuggles right away, but let’s just say that Eric has had to deal with a few messes already. This kitty’s got some personality!

Blogger friend Damien Riley recently returned from his Hawaii vacation with his family and it looks like he had a fantastic time. He shares some of those moments with us in a recent post, highlighting the “snorkel face” he got while exploring the local sea life. Even though I don’t know how to swim, I went snorkeling in Maui when I visited too. It really is a beautiful place.

Speaking of beautiful, is there anything more gorgeous than a great breakfast plate? Amy Smith made her way over to Lucy’s Eastside Diner on Main Street to devour what she calls the best pulled pork pancakes she has ever had. It’s a great value, the pulled pork balances sweetness and smokiness, and the pancakes were light and fluffy. I really like Lucy’s too. And they’re open 24 hours to boot, which was great during my pre-parenthood days.

Pregnancy and delivery come with an overwhelming onslaught of decisions to make, all before the baby even arrives. Would you prefer a C-section or a natural birth? What pharmaceuticals, if any, are you willing to take? Gary M. Howell-Sherwin recounts the arrival of his youngest last month, explaining why he would recommend a home birth. It’s certainly different from the rush to the hospital that most other parents go through!

Image credit: Chris Yarzab (Flickr)