X-Men Apocalypse

As has become tradition around these parts, I’ve gathered up another collection of blog posts to share with you today. We get started with James Estrada, whose son famously goes around dressed up as Rocket Raccoon, and his review of X-Men Apocalypse. Many critics will say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grossly outperformed the X-Men movie series. For James, the actors were great in this newest film, “but the story just fell flat.” That’s a shame. Apocalypse is supposed to be as far beyond mutants as they are beyond us.

Turning to the world of raising kids, Mike Reynolds provides some insight into what it’s like to be an introverted parent. This is a topic that I’ve written about too and it does represent a strange dynamic in the art of child-rearing. We’re expected to lobby for our kids and interact with other adults at events, as difficult as that may be. We want our kids to get along with other kids, but that means we need to put ourselves out there too. It ain’t easy, but nothing about parenting ever is.

There are many strategic decisions and design choices you need to make when running a blog. In the case of Jeff Stephens, he’s decided to experiment with removing the dates from his blog posts. This isn’t just about removing the date from the permalink structure (URL), but also from the sub-headers on the blog post itself. I suppose it really depends on the kind of content you post. If it’s evergreen, explicit dates could be unnecessarily restrictive.

With summer just around the corner, many families have vacations on the mind. Salma Dinani provides a great list of things to do in Banff that are fun for the whole family. I’ve been to Banff a few times and it really does illustrate just how beautiful the outdoors can be. While your little ones might not be up for long hikes, they can certainly take in the gorgeous scenery and enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride down the main street. Taking in a short river cruise sounds like fun too.

Last but not least, we head into the kitchen with suburbanite Stacey Robinsmith. Cooking doesn’t need to be overly technical or complex. You can keep it simple and delicious, as is the case with Stacey’s one-pot mac and cheese recipe. When you consider just how easy it is to put together a scrumptious meal like this, you won’t even think about reaching for the blue box of KD ever again. The inclusion of grainy dijon sounds like it adds a healthy dose of zing!