Angkor Wat

Every Wednesday, I gather together and share some great blog posts from the around the Internet. This week, we visit with Lisa Bettany and her globetrotting ways. One of the destinations on her lengthy bucket list was Cambodia and Lisa was anxious to get the perfect shot of Angkor Wat at sunrise. She was hoping for relative solitude, only to be overwhelmed by the massive crowd hoping to get the same perfect photo. Then, she got snapped back into reality with an even better shot of an even better moment.

It can be awfully tempting to jump on the latest trends, particularly if these trends are related to your business and your livelihood. Jane Friedman questions whether or not writers should get into video too, just because everyone else seems to be doing video these days too. Indeed, shooting and posting more videos is one of the things I want to do, even if the return on the investment is questionable at best. Short form video on Snapchat or Instagram might be a lot easier (and more effective).

After a year’s hiatus, Duane Storey has decided to get back into blogging again. he had his reasons for taking a break from blogging, like ending a very serious relationship, which resulting in “several months” of feeling “fairly depressed.” Now that he’s in a better place again, he feels he is prepared to get back to reality and start blogging on a regular basis again. I find blogging to be quite therapeutic for organizing your thoughts.

As a work-at-home entrepreneur, I’ve had stretches where I might not leave my house for days at a time. It’s not healthy, I know. Conor O’Gorman agrees, encouraging everyone to go outside every day. You really need to make this a priority, both for you and your children, because life is not meant to be lived through a television and a computer screen. Even if the weather isn’t agreeable, go out there and enjoy some fresh air.

Finally, if you don’t work at home, you might want to take a few moments to read the latest post from lifestyle mentor Dai Manuel. He’s got a 10-point checklist for anyone interested in bike-to-work commuting. You improve your health, you save on commuting costs, and you cut down on congestion too. May is Bike Month and many cities celebrate with a Bike to Work Day or even a Bike to Work Week. Check with your local groups to see what’s going on in your area.