In the grocery with our little helpers (by Jaro Larnos)

Based on the feedback I received from last week’s post, it seems everyone wants these hump day speedlinks to continue. So, here we are again. Kicking off the collection this week, Stevie Kinnear of Big Awesome Mess simplifies the process of how to take your kids to the store. It’s so easy that it only took her 65 easy steps to explain the process, with the last step instructing us to repeat steps 14-64 as needed. Does the kid want to be carried or walk?

The world of parenting is filled with all sorts of acronyms. LOs are little ones, DDs are dear daughters, and SAHMs are stay-at-home moms. Dashing Dad argues that we should have a better acronym for stay-at-home dads, because it can sound awfully depressing to talk about your SAHD little existence. He’s happy, not sad! Perhaps it makes more sense to call him a DIRTY (Dad Is Raising The Youth) or a DARTH (Dad Actually Runs This House). Or how about SITH (Senor In The House)? Too dark, perhaps?

I’ll be the first person to tell you that entrepreneurship is both challenging and rewarding. If you’ve been thinking about striking out on your own, Celine Roque can tell you what you’ll want to do to start a side business. The difference between her guide and others like it is that you don’t need to quit your day job. The side business is exactly that: on the side. And all it takes is 8 easy steps, far more manageable than the 65 needed to go shopping with the kids.

If you plan on keeping your full-time job while running a side business, you may find that your sleep starts to suffer. And this can have a far-reaching impact on the rest of your health. Dr. Craig Primack explains why a good night’s rest is so important and how you can get better sleep. The first big tip is to go to bed at the same time each night, including weekends. Try to avoid caffeine after about 2 o’clock and don’t watch television in bed either.

And finally, we end on a deliciously sweet treat. Do you like matcha frapps from Starbucks but want a healthier alternative? Rebecca Coleman has the recipe for a vanilla green tea kefir shake that’ll satisfy that craving while simultaneously providing your body with all of those wonderful probiotics (from the yogurt) and antioxidants (from the green tea). It only takes 30 seconds to make, perfect for a hot summer’s day.