What's Up Wednesdays: Finding Joy

Life can be difficult. Life can be challenging. Life can be stressful. And that’s why we must remind ourselves of all the good things in our lives. For my part, a recent highlight was being featured by Gary M. Howell-Sherwin on his site as the dad blog of the week. I’m honored and humbled. In the interview, we discuss what prompted me to start this blog, the best part of being a dad, and the hopes and dreams I have for my little girl.

Sometimes, you need to step outside your comfort zone to reach the next level. As a writer, it’s far too easy to retreat into your own world and become an increasingly sheltered introvert. Allie Larkin gathered some advice from her friends and colleagues about putting yourself out there and breaking out of your shell. This can be particularly daunting in the context of public speaking. Can you get your butterflies to fly in formation?

As you might recall, Mike Vardy was recently featured here in a Sunday Snippet. Over on his Productivityist blog, he discusses the value of finding joy in the work you do, regardless of the job you have. He had a great time flying with Southwest Airlines recently and this can be largely attributed to the positive experience he had with the in-flight crew. They were happy to be there and they were having fun. As Gretchen Rubin once said, “The years are short but the days are long.”

Speaking of metal vessels traveling through time and space, Chris Farley Ratcliffe offers his take after going on a road trip with a 2016 Ford Edge. Despite less than ideal weather, his family was able to enjoy the ride, gazing out of the panoramic sunroof, staying on route with the built-in GPS navigation, and getting entertained by the on-board computer powered by Ford’s SYNC 3 system. The lack of lasers was disappointing, though.

In life and in business, we’ve developed a habit of chasing trends. We follow the money. It’s a practice that Chuck Wendig opposes, particularly when it comes to writing. Rather than focusing on topics that happen to be hot, you should write about your passion. Write about what you love, because the market is an unknown (and unknowable) entity. And your passion will come through in your writing when it’s a topic you actually care about.