Tech Tuesday: Amazon Kindle Voyage Unboxing Video

When we surround ourselves with all of these illuminated screens, we also provide ourselves with incredible access to a near infinite source of information. It is equal parts empowering and terrifying to consider the kind of content you can find on the Internet. And staring at a smartphone screen before going to bed can wreak havoc on the quality of your sleep. Instead, you might consider picking up an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle Voyage, which recently launched in Canada.

The Amazon Kindle Voyage is the latest piece of gadgetry to arrive here in my review lab and I’ll be putting together a more comprehensive review of the e-book reader in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I shot a quick unboxing video and feature overview to introduce you to this e-reader and how it differentiates itself from the already terrific Kindle Paperwhite.

Yes, it is absolutely true that you can swipe your way through the exact same Kindle e-books on an Android tablet, but the magic of e-paper minimizes eye strain while still providing a connected and fluid user experience. There’s an adaptive backlight to read just about anywhere and I believe this also happens to be the thinnest and lightest touchscreen Kindle to date.

And even though there are still competing products from companies like Kobo, it’s pretty clear that the Kindle brand is the dominant force in this space. If you’re going to grab a dedicated device for reading e-books, Kindle is the way to go… and there’s at least one e-book you can pick up to get started.

The Amazon Kindle Voyage can be purchased on for $299.99 or on for $199.99 in each country’s respective currency. Yes, even with the exchange rate, we’re still stuck paying a premium here in Canada.