What's Up Wednesdays: Living Social

We’re getting social with this week’s speedlink. Starting things off is a riveting interview by Joseph Planta from The Commentary as he chats with Vancity Buzz Editor-in-Chief Farhan Mohamed. They talk about the nature of the online publication and how it’s neither a blog nor a traditional newspaper. They also discuss the recent Pacific Centre controversy and how Vancity Buzz handled the story.

Remember how I partook in the #VanScienceSocial field trip last week? Mike Granek from Top Daddies put together a terrific video from our day of science tours, highlighting our adventures with Canada’s largest particle accelerator, extracting our own DNA and peering into the deep vastness of outer space. You don’t even need to look that carefully to spot me in his video.

Are you looking for a different method to spark a little more romance in your relationship? Alison Tedford tells us about a heart-racing date that will leave both of you sweaty and exhausted. She’s referring to a date at the gym, of course, getting that blood pumping while pounding away on a stationary bike. It’s certainly a different idea and you’ll definitely see your partner in a different light.

The world of technology and social media changes very rapidly and you may be anxious to jump on the latest trend, whether it’s live-streaming on Periscope or self-destructing your visual posts on Snapchat. Jeff Desjardins looks at this sphere in a slightly different way, visualizing how long it took 12 different apps to get to a billion users. While it took Microsoft Windows over 25 years to get there, Google Android managed to accomplish the feat in under six years.

Last and certainly not least, we have Scott Adams of Dilbert fame chiming in with an enlightening entry on politics. More specifically, he illustrates how Donald Trump is using a tactic called strategic ambiguity to gain the support that he has. After Super Tuesday, it’s starting to look like the real estate mogul has the Republican nomination practically on lockdown… and it’s by telling two different stories at the same time.