Vancouver Chinatown

We’re back with our weekly whirlwind tour of the blogosphere, starting off with Joseph Planta and Jackie Pierre from The Commentary. They had the opportunity to chat with fellow Tupper alum Doris Chow about the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown. Doris is one of the organization’s co-founders and she has been actively working to preserve the history (and the people) behind one of Vancouver’s oldest neighborhoods. Gentrification has its victims and the Chinatown of my childhood feels like it’s slipping away.

Coming a little closer to hope, Jamie Dunlop Khau has vowed to make more time for her daughters. This is above and beyond the usual “boss them around” daily activities that come along with being a parent, but actually spending more quality time with her children to minimize the emotional distance that can come with adolescence. Maintaining those once “effortless” bonds now requires a lot more work and patience. But it’s all worth it, because this time in their lives will be over before you know it.

Continuing on the subject of parenting decisions, Buzz Bishop and his wife did something that other parents may find unfathomable, unreasonable and irresponsible. They left their 8-year-old and 6-year-old sons home alone with no supervision. As Buzz points out in his post, this would have been illegal had he lived in Rhode Island. To be fair, the boys were only alone for all of ten minutes and they were on speakerphone the whole time. Would you have conducted a similar experiment?

One of the most important things to do in life is to keep a positive attitude about you, regardless of the circumstances. This is where Carol Browne finds herself today as she continues with her journeys in funemployment. She’s been keeping her head up with good eats and sticking with the job hunt, applying and interviewing for all sorts of opportunities. Sometimes, though, the best way to keep a positive attitude is to distract yourself with a different focus for a while.

We end this speedlink with a new beginning. From affiliate marketing to real estate investing, Tyler Cruz has always explored creative ways to make a buck. His newest venture is a website called Votesy. It’s a website where you can pose a question, any question, for the crowd to answer. Who is the best Friends character? Which dress should I wear to the banquet? He’s still ironing out the kinks and working on mobile support, but in the meantime, he just wants to get the word out.