What's Up Wednesdays: Coping Mechanism

And we’re back with another speedlink here on Beyond the Rhetoric. Starting off on a more serious note, Tara Jensen had a great post for Bell Let’s Talk Day last week discussing how she copes with the anxiety of networking and meeting new people. Anxiety disorders affect 5% of the general population and social anxiety is a lot more common than you might think. We need to overcome the stigma and open the conversation.

Learning the right coping mechanism to manage your own mental health challenges starts from very early on in childhood, oftentimes with the support of parents and family. And, as Scott Posey illustrates, learning how to play video games can present a tremendous bonding experience too. He recently discovered just how useful Super Mario Maker for Wii U can be as a teaching and learning tool. Design and attempt some custom levels together.

Speaking of parenting, Benjamin Mullen lists his top six reasons why dads need to embrace the minivan. Many fathers, myself included, are incredibly hesitant to adopt the “uncoolness” of the minivan. We prefer our sports wagons and compact crossovers. But hey, minivans offer an “unbelievable amount of space” and can “be pretty incredible as far as MPG goes.”

Do you dare to dream? Are you actually working toward your goals? If not, you could be holding yourself back. Jessica Abel explores the notion of “idea debt” wherein you end up doing too much thinking and too little making. In other words, the grand ideas and plans you have are never put into action and nothing is ever accomplished. Don’t wait to do it some day. Do it now or move on to something else.

Finally, we conclude this week’s collection of blog posts with an entry by Monique Craig on how you can exercise while at work. Taking care of your mental health is one thing and finding the time to better your physical health is equally important. I know that I lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and need to do something about it. All the little things, like skipping the elevator, can really add up over the over of a standard work day.