As any content creator of nearly any medium will surely attest, the work that gets the most attention and pays the bills is not necessarily the work that had the most personal meaning or the work that you are most proud of. Blogging is no exception. A couple of days ago, I listed off the most popular blog posts of 2015 and today, we take a look at my favorite blog posts from this year. Here they are, in case you missed them the first time around.

The Fatherly Experience

My SAHD Life

It’s probably not going to surprise anyone that the posts I wrote about my struggles as a work-at-home dad and about the philosophical questions in terms of how I want to raise my daughter were profoundly important to me.

No life event has had as dramatic an impact on my day-to-day as becoming a father. I fight traditional gender roles every day, both for me and my daughter. It’s hard, but I’ve never felt more fulfilled.

The Poignant Lessons of Life

Sunday Snippet: Bobby Scar on Potential

In case the logo for this blog didn’t already give it away, I like to think myself as something of a thinker. Maybe I even think too much. And as a psychology major during my university days, I’m also drawn to the universal goal of happiness. How can we be happier? How can we fulfill our life’s purpose? The quotes featured in the Sunday Snippet feature oftentimes approach some of these questions, just as much as I seek happiness and balance through life-work integration.

The Grammar Enthusiast Strikes Back

Amy Likes Cookies

Words are important and choosing the right words can be even more important. Most of the Grammar 101 posts answer a specific question about whether you should use this word or that, but the ones that I enjoyed writing the most were based on books and content I actually read elsewhere. Learning to hide from a bunny and understanding how much Amy really likes her cookies were fun little adventures in grammar and syntax.

The Journey Ahead

Even though it doesn’t fit neatly into any of the three broad-sweeping categories listed above, the post I wrote on the difference between prunes and plums was also one of my favorites and deserves an honorable mention. They say you should learn something new every day and it’s not completely useless to know exactly what a prune really is.

Happy new year to all ye readers of Beyond the Rhetoric. Thank you once again for your continued support and I’ll see you right back here in 2016.