The Top 12 Most Popular BTR Posts of 2015

In these final days of 2015, we can’t help but to look back and to reflect on the year that was. We can’t help but to look back at both our accomplishments and where we could have done better. As a writer, I’m personally interested in which blog posts on Beyond the Rhetoric turned out to be the most popular among readers. We could look at a number of metrics, like number of social shares or comments, but the number of page views is probably the most reflective of popularity.

It would not be fair to consider total page views in isolation, as posts published earlier in the year would then have an unfair advantage. For much the same reason, I’m also ignoring posts that were published prior to 2015 for today’s list too; the blog post that generated the most views overall was a Grammar 101 entry on the phrase “by the power vested in me.” That was published in 2012.

This list contains the most popular posts on a month-by-month basis, as I figure that would be the fairest way to do this. Somewhat unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of the posts on this lists are restaurant reviews.

Trattoria Italian Kitchen, Kitsilano (Vancouver)

January to March

Sushi UOmo

April to June

Kick S Good, Burnaby

July to September

I Helped a Girl at the Playground (and Felt Terrible About It)

October to December

It didn’t feel like I ate out nearly as often in 2015 as I had in previous years, but I guess more people were interested in what I did get to eat. I am pleased to see that at least one of my posts on the experience of being a new dad made the cut, as fatherhood has really come to define a very large part of my identity.

Can we expect 2016 to be filled with more food posts too? Or will readers gravitate back to my Grammar 101 posts? Or will it be more about raising a child in today’s society and the challenges of the WAHD life? Whatever it may be, I am very grateful that you are here to share this journey with me and to read these words. I look forward to sharing more stories (and #foodporn) for many years to come.