What's Up Wednesdays: Star Wars Edition

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? For better or for worse, George Lucas and his team have grown Star Wars into an unstoppable force (see what I did there?). With Episode VII set for release next month, I am dedicating this week’s speedlink to the Star Wars universe.

While many of us have grown up among Ewoks and Jawas, some people may have never watched either the original trilogy or the prequels. For those newbies, should they watch them in release order or in episode order? Rod Hilton has argued that the best way to watch (or re-watch) the six films is the Machete order. The unconventional twist, with the noted omission of one episode, could result in the best marathon session possible.

Many people will agree that Jar Jar Binks is one of the most offensive, most annoying and most reviled characters in the Star Wars universe. David Covucci, however, has a theory about Jar Jar Binks that will have you thinking about the Gungan in a whole new light. Reading through David’s explanation, as wild as it may be, is a real eye-opener. Was Jar Jar really the big mastermind behind all the action?

If you’ve been watching The Force Awakens trailers, then you’ll notice that Luke Skywalker has been mostly missing… aside from the possibility of his robotic hand. There are theories that he has turned to the Dark Side to follow in the path of his father and noted dad blogger Darrell Milton posits that Luke isn’t the only one to turn to the Dark Side following the events of The Return of the Jedi.

Strong male protagonists still far outnumber their female counterparts on the silver screen and toy companies aren’t helping the situation. Jenna Busch wonders why Rey is missing from a boxed set of Star Wars action figures at Target. This follows a recent trend where Gamora was missing from a Guardians of the Galaxy set and Black Widow was left out of an Avengers set. What about Captain Phasma?

We cannot deny the power of nostalgia and Star Wars is not immune to our rose-tinted glasses either. We all looked forward to The Phantom Menace and many were disappointed by it. As we look ahead to next month, Tom Burns says that our respective childhoods won’t be ruined even if The Force Awakens sucks. But we still want it to be good so badly, it hurts. The hype is real.