The (Partial) Reading List

Finding the motivation to establish good habits can be quite the challenge. Sometimes, it’s helpful to look at the big picture to realize how your little steps are working toward something much grander. When it comes to going to the gym and staying active, you might get a workout buddy. One strategy the Internet can easily accommodate is public shaming and this is where you come in.

I want to make a promise to myself and I’m turning to you, the Beyond the Rhetoric reader, to hold me accountable. I want you to check in on me via Twitter to make sure that I’m staying on track. This objective may seem relatively minor and meaningless to a lot of people. It might seem really easy to accomplish. Even so, it’s important to me, both personally and professionally.

Words, Words, Words…

Ever since graduating from university a decade ago (has it already been that long?), my propensity to keep up with reading for leisure has fallen to the wayside. Maybe it’s because I had so many books to read during school and I just wanted to get away from that obligation. Even so, especially since I make my career as a freelance writer, it’s in my best interest to read more. So that’s what I want to do.

I already read a lot of online content, partly for work and partly for fun, but having actual books to read is a different matter altogether. And even though I make my living on the Internet, I do need to get away from these illuminated screens every now and then. And to that end, I’m making a promise to myself.

I will read (at least) one book a month.

While I had considered implementing a minimum page count to this declaration, I’d rather not feel restricted in my choice of book based solely on its length. I’d rather select my books based on what I actually want to read. As you can tell from my reading list from earlier this year, my interests can be quite varied and I want to continue embracing that.

Into the Reading Queue

At present, I’m about halfway through Lost in Cyburbia by James Harkin, a book that had been sitting neglected on my shelf for a number of years. Depicted above are three books that were given to me as gifts in the last several months:

You may recognize O’Malley as the author and artist behind the Scott Pilgrim series. I also recently received Zen Pencils: Volume Two by Gavin Aung Than. It’s a collection of his webcomics that have since been “enhanced” for the print edition. He does tremendous work and shares many terrific insights.

If I Were a Pony

Of course, I will also continue to read a growing range of children’s books with my daughter. Since those are mostly board books (and since we typically complete several in a single session), I’m naturally not going to count those as part of my goal. I’m certain they have been feeding into my creative process though.

So yes, keep me accountable. Ask me what I’m reading every now and then. And if you’ve got any recommendations, let me know too. What’s on your reading list?