This trip was different from all the other trips we have taken, because it was the first one we have ever taken with Adalynn. Traveling with a baby, as any parent can attest, introduces a whole array of additional considerations into the mix. That’s part of the reason why we decided to vacation in Honolulu, specifically in Waikiki. Most things are within walking distance and the hotel room — for afternoon naps — was never too far away.

To that end, we chose to stay at the Aqua Pacific Monarch, located a couple blocks away from Waikiki Beach.

Previously owned and operated by Aston Hotels, the Aqua Pacific Monarch is not dissimilar from many of the other properties in the area. In effect, they took what was once an apartment or condo complex and converted it into a hotel. Similar to the Outrigger Napili Shores where we stayed in Maui a few years ago, every room is outfitted with either a kitchenette (in our case) or a full kitchen. This provides some much needed flexibility for preparing your own meals.

Of course, since the hotel is right in the heart of the city, the room itself is not going to be particularly huge. The building is also quite dated, though I found there weren’t too many very new hotels in Waikiki, at least within our budget range. And like nearly all the other properties in Waikiki, the Aqua Pacific Monarch does charge a mandatory “hospitality fee” that includes a number of amenities, including Wi-Fi, a shuttle to Ala Moana, and complimentary DVD rentals.

Check out the video tour that I’ve embedded below. And don’t worry. Just as I wrote about where to eat in Maui, I plan on doing the same with some great restaurants and cafes in and around Honolulu too. Stay tuned!