Techie Tuesday: ZTE Grand X 2 Unboxing Video

I like to refer to myself as a professional gadget geek, so I understand all too well the desire to own the latest and greatest from the world of technology. We lust after the new and shiny for no real reason other than the fact that it’s new and shiny. Sometimes, good enough is good enough and that’s how we come to find smartphones like the new ZTE Grand X 2. It’s cheap, but it could be “good enough” for most people.

The ZTE Grand X 2 was announced earlier this month and it follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. It maintains the same “affordable premium” philosophy behind the original ZTE Grand X and the Grand X Plus, bumping up the features that are the most important to the mainstream consumer.

You want a smartphone with a better camera. You want a smartphone with better battery life. You likely want as close to the stock Android experience as possible and you want a phone that feels solid in the hands. The ZTE Grand X 2 takes care of a lot of that, when compared to the two phones that came before it, but it clearly won’t be able to compete in the same league as a Moto X Style or Samsung Galaxy S6+. Nor should it, because it’s priced less off contract than other flagship phones are priced on contract.

Check out my unboxing video with first impressions embedded below. The more comprehensive written review will be posted on in the coming weeks.