What's Up Wednesdays: It Affects Me

It’s time once again for the weekly speedlink on Beyond the Rhetoric. We get started with a new blog for Ray Ebersole, one that is separate from his blog on education and technology. On “It Affects Me,” he writes about how he has been struggling with a lack of focus lately. This has resulted in quite a scattered and ultimately stressful experience. In order to achieve a sense of inner calm, we mustn’t allow ourselves to get so distracted.

Continuing on the topic of a simpler approach, Darrell Milton explains why it is so much more difficult for kids these days to learn how to count. When you’ve got companies like Microsoft teaching children that 10 is the number that comes after 8, you’re setting yourself up for utter confusion. Yup, Adalynn’s childhood is just different from the one I had. You can count on it.

On a far more serious note, Lorne Jaffe takes a look back at the passing of Robin Williams now that it has been a year. It’s a truly sad state of affairs that depression is still a taboo topic, considering that it affects so many people in such a profound way. And when it drives people to take their own lives, we really need to remind these folks that they are not alone.

It’s not just about the psychological state of human beings that is important. You might encounter an issue that affects man’s best friend too. Nicolb Tai reflects on her experience as a reactive dog owner. Knox is a rescue pitbull and, as the blog indicates, he’s “just learning to get along.” And that’s the thing. It’s not the dog’s fault he acts the way he does. The onus falls on the owner to provide proper training, direction and leadership.

And finally, we look ahead to the future of fighting games with Art Eddy and Zach Rosenberg. The geeky dads had the opportunity to speak with Capcom Brand Manager Dan Pantumsinchai about Street Fighter V and what we can expect when it is released early next year. As a big Street Fighter fan myself, I couldn’t be more excited, though I’m not sure I’ll have all that much time to actually play it. The online cross-play between PS4 and PC players sounds awfully compelling.