What's Up Wednesdays: Fancy That

Every Wednesday, I gather up and share some fun blog posts from around the Internet. This week, we start things off by heading down under to visit with Darrell Milton. While he may not be a fancy baker by trade, he decided to make a custom R2-D2 birthday cake for his son. He documented the process to show other parents how to make fancy cakes for their children too. Thanks mate for setting the standards insanely high for the rest of us!

If you prefer your fancy cakes to be more of the gaming or digital variety, then you may want to take a look at the recent post by “Lyteforce” Chris Golden. He put together his first YouTube video tutorial, walking you through how to customize your Twitch profile. Streaming video games with live commentary has become a very mainstream practice for even the most amateur of gamers, so you may as well take advantage of personalizing your Twitch page for maximum benefit.

Those streamers might prefer titles like League of Legends and Ultra Street Fighter IV, but Art Eddy has compiled the box art for several video game titles geared more toward the parental crowd. You haven’t lived until you’ve endured Call of Dooty: Modern Potty Training or tried to figure out how to download the Pinterest DLC for Mom Crafts: Xbox 360 Edition.

It may not cost too much money to make a custom Star Wars birthday cake or to play some video games for the online community to enjoy, but as Yatin Khulbe, there are several common money mistakes that you really should avoid. It’s far too tempting to start comparing your paycheck with your colleagues. Keeping up with the Jones is unnecessarily expensive and you should be following some basic money-saving tips instead.

Being a “good” parent is hard enough without having to bake up a bunch of fancy cakes. In fact, getting into parenthood in the first place can be incredibly challenging. There’s so much pressure from both peers and elders. And as Tara Jensen, the pressure doesn’t let up after you’ve had a baby either. That’s because people keep asking when you’re going to have more kids and they really should quit asking. For whatever reason, there may not be a second child and that’s okay.