Festive Terry Fox by Richard Eriksson

To all my fellow citizens in this land of maple syrup, ketchup chips and poutine, I’d like to wish a very happy Canada Day. To celebrate the 148th birthday of our humble little country, let’s kick off this week’s speedlink with a post from Chris Farley Ratcliffe. He recently took the time to visit the Canadian Museum of History where they currently have a special Terry Fox exhibit on display. Terry Fox is perhaps one of the best known and most inspirational Canadians of all time. His legacy is incredible.

Continuing on our Canada Day journey, we join Sandy Allen as she shows us around Prince Edward County along the north shore of Lake Ontario. It’s a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, particularly because Prince Edward County is a peninsula relatively isolated from the mainland. From the Lacey Estates Winery to Honey Pie Hives & Herbals, there’s a relaxing respite for anyone in this “little piece of paradise… in Southeastern Ontario.”

Taking a quick twelve-hour flight across the Pacific, John Biehler provides highlights from his recent trip to Shanghai. I’ve been to China before, but I’ve never visited the much more modern city of Shanghai. John got to explore some of the great street food (at remarkably affordable prices), watch as a group of seniors danced the night away in an open plaza, and marvel at the ubiquitous coin-operated charging stations for electric scooters.

Of course, you don’t have to pay for a big international trip to have a good time. Holly Johnson shares several useful tips for how to you can unwind on a budget. Sometimes, curling up with a good book or working out to a good yoga DVD is all it takes to melt away so many of life’s worries, even if only momentarily. I should really exercise more too, as a good workout can “lift your mood and ease anxiety.”

And finally, we have Matt Brennan with a simple infographic illustrating where his son’s food goes during mealtime. Even though Adalynn isn’t quite a toddler just yet, I can certainly relate to Matt’s experience of feeding a young one. The food gets everywhere and we’ve decided that a designated “splash zone” is appropriate.