Unboxing the AVerMedia Live Gamer EXTREME (Video)

Live streaming video games has exploded in popularity in recent years. You see it both among regular folks and professional gamers, playing the titles that they love from the comfort of their homes and broadcasting their (typically online) gameplay for all to see. The most common place to find live gaming is on Twitch, but the new YouTube Gaming service could be a competitive alternative.

While playing PC games and streaming them online usually only requires a bit of software, you’ll oftentimes need a game capture card if you want to stream from your console. Yes, the Xbox One and PS4 offer integrated streaming, but connecting a game capture card and using your computer can unlock far more robust customization options. And that’s how I find myself taking a look at the AVerMedia Live Gamer EXTREME (GC550) today. It’s the latest game capture device from the company and it comes packed with features.

It supports up to full HD 1080p 60fps uncompressed video with ultra-low latency through its HDMI passthrough. There’s also the option to use component video input, which is particularly helpful where HDMI-based copy protection is in place. Other highlights include support for picture-in-picture (like with a webcam), an integrated audio mixer (like for your microphone for commentary), and the option to slide in a personalized cover image.

The AVerMedia Live Gamer EXTREME is available now for about $180. Check out my unboxing video and feature overview below. The full written review will be published on MEGATechNews after I’ve put this product through its gaming, recording and live-streaming paces.