Cool Dad T-Shirts for Father's Day

As you’ve likely figured out by now, taking on the role of “dad” has become a very integral part of my overall identity. I talk about being a dad a lot because it is an all-consuming responsibility.

To this end, you would assume that this upcoming Father’s Day (my first as a dad) would be incredibly special and meaningful to me. Well, while I don’t exactly seek praise and recognition for being a “good dad,” I have no problem celebrating the culture of dad. And since I’ve always been a glutton for cool t-shirts, adding some dad t-shirts to the fold would only be appropriate.

Many so-called “dad jokes” involve puns, so why wouldn’t the first shirt on this list do the same? The Top Dad ($22.49) shirt provides a fatherly spin on a popular (and now defunct) British motoring show… in the world. No team racing driver here; we do our own stunts.

Dads Don't Babysit

And on the topic of doing our own stunts, the Dads Don’t Babysit ($16.15) shirt encapsulates a very important message. We’re tired of seeing the depiction of dads as bumbling idiots waiting to be saved by their wives. We are equal partners in this. Dads don’t “babysit” their kids. It’s called parenting. Proceeds from the sale of this shirt go toward the National At-Home Dad Network Scholarship Fund.

Galaxy's Best Dad

You’ve surely come across plenty of shirts with some variation on the “world’s best dad” theme and many of them can be awfully generic. Not this Galaxy’s Best Dad ($15.99) shirt, though. It’s not enough to just take the Star Wars theme here with Darth Vader (who was mostly a deadbeat dad); you need to step it up a notch with Lego Star Wars.


What do you do when even Star Wars isn’t enough? You pair it up with an offer you can’t refuse, of course! The YourFather ($14.99) shirt offers one of the better mashups I’ve seen. Maybe you should leave the gun and take the lightsaber. And I too “have a sentimental weakness for my children, and I spoil them, as you can see.”


Last but not least, we have a t-shirt that celebrates the work-at-home dad and the many hats that he wears as a kid taxi, entrepreneur and nap taker. The WAHD ($22.00) is a shirt that “proudly professes the joys and pitfalls of working from home.” I know this pain and joy all too well.

Is Father’s Day a big deal in your family? What are you doing for your dad?