Boiron Homeopathic Medicine for Babies

As a new parent, being introduced to the world of baby products can be incredibly overwhelming. And that’s just with all the “normal” baby care items. When the little one is crying incessantly and clearly in discomfort, it becomes even more gut-wrenching for new moms and dads. We also understand that babies, in general, cannot handle the same kind of over-the-counter medicine that most of us take.

With little Adalynn going through her teething pain, I decided to partner up with Carol McBee from Mommy Connections to review some of the homeopathic medicine from Boiron. There are a number of different Boiron products available online for babies and adults alike, and they are meant to be as natural and as safe as possible.

In the case of the baby products, there are no sugars, no dyes and no preservatives. Contrast this to many over-the-counter colic relief solutions that are basically just sugar water. We learned a little bit about Boiron at the Healthy Family Expo a couple of months ago, but now we’ll have a better chance to see if their homeopathic medicines really work.

More specifically, I’ll be reviewing the Camilia product for teething. The care package I received from Boiron Canada (which seems to have different packaging than its American counterpart) did include several other items too. I’ve highlighted these in the quick unboxing video embedded below. Stay tuned for the review to follow soon.