What's Up Wednesdays: Conversational Strawberries

Every Wednesday, I gather up some fun or informative blog posts from around the web to share with you here on Beyond the Rhetoric.

For this week’s selection, we start with Joshua Wilner asserting that social media should be about conversation. How many times have you received dozens of birthday wishes on Facebook from people who don’t interact with you at all the other 364 days of the day? How shallow have our online connections become?

Believe it or not, YouTube is now ten years old. To celebrate the occasion, YouTube marketing expert Josh Rimer has selected a top viral video for each of YouTube’s ten years of existence. Take a trip down video sharing’s memory lane and revisit everyone from the Star Wars Kid to Rebecca Black. My most viewed video to this day is still the animatronic Albert Einstein at CES. I have no idea why.

“West Coast Mommy” Olivia reminds us that May is Strawberry Month. And as much as we may enjoy eating strawberries in a variety of gluten-rich baked goods, you can also use those freshly-picked strawberries in over two dozen gluten-free recipes too. Care from some strawberry cantaloupe salsa or maybe some fudge-stuffed strawberries? Don’t worry; there are gluten-free strawberry cake recipes too.

For a dash of midweek wisdom, we turn our attention over to “Dadosaurus Rex” Scott and the Zen koan he recently shared on his blog. It tells the tale of an old farmer who seems to rides the wild waves of good luck and misfortune on such a frequent basis. We have to remember that many life events are neither good nor bad. It’s a matter of perspective and how we choose to react to them.

And finally, we can virtually pat the back of Henry Elliss as he has been selected to join the Netflix “Stream Team” in the United Kingdom. He’ll be able to enjoy all the high-definition streaming video that he desires, being kept in the loop for all the “new stuff” as it gets added to the growing Netflix library. I wonder what he has already added to his queue.