My Current Life in Numbers

Even though I find myself in a career that decidedly leans more towards the “arts and creativity” end of the spectrum, numbers have always played a very important role in my life. I have a habit of wanting to quantify just about everything. There’s a certain comfort in knowing that you can ascribe specific numbers to specific things. They provide clarity in a world filled with ambiguities.

And perhaps that’s why I was drawn to this post by Amber Strocel yesterday. She decided to summarize so many aspects of her life — her “obsession” with poetry, her quest to become a math teacher, her love of tea — in a numerical fashion. So, I thought I’d take a similar look at my life too, summarizing some of my journey with some numbers of my own.

  • Years I’ve been writing on the web: 17
  • Years I’ve been a full-time professional writer: 10
  • Books I’ve authored (not including ghostwriting): 2
  • Cars I’ve owned: 3
  • Beyond the Rhetoric blog posts I’ve written: 2,930
  • Number of Pomodoros I’ve tracked this month: 95
  • Types of ways to make coffee in my house right now: 5
  • Number of coffees consumed yesterday: 2
  • Times I’ve attended CES in Las Vegas: 8
  • Times I’ve attended Computex Taipei: 4
  • Days since becoming a dad: 192
  • Sakura photos posted to Instagram this spring: 3
  • Food pictures posted to Instagram this month: 10
  • Number of smartphones on my desk right now: 5
  • Total Words with Friends games completed: 1,140
  • Unique words played in WWF: 5,820
  • Diapers changed: Lost count.

Looking at your own life, are there any numbers in particular that stick out for you? Perhaps you’re counting down the days toward a special event or you’re counting up the dollars you’re saving for a big purchase?