My shampoo and conditioner never run out at the same time. My hot coffee wasn’t so hot after I was pulled away to change a diaper. Kristen Lamb knows as well as anyone about the first world problems that we face. She recently had to deal with neutering a not-so-young cat, taking care of a not-so-well child and cleaning up a not-so-spotless home. She feels like crying sometimes, but then she realizes that she doesn’t have cancer, nor does she have Dengue Fever. Life isn’t so bad.

Continuing with this week’s speedlink, we make our way over to the “Scary Mommy” blog of Harmony Hobbs. She lists over several things that she needs her daughter to know. Sometimes unladlylike behavior is indeed warranted and it’s absolutely true that haters are gonna hate. Life’s hard, so just be real, understand that you don’t owe anyone anything and know that you’re going to be underestimated. Use this knowledge to your advantage!

Switching gears to the first world problems of a professional nature, Peggy Carouthers describes the three biggest things that freelance clients want: convenience, competence and confidence. They want a freelancer who’s easy to deal with, knows what they’re doing and knows that they know what they’re doing. Indeed, you can save money by outsourcing, so long as you hire the right people.

It’s important to know how best to invest in your business. In the case of Neil Patel, he found that spending over $130,000 on eating out was one of the smartest things he did last year. That’s because buying those meals for colleagues, staff and prospective clients helped him earn nearly one million dollars in revenue. That’s some serious ROI, don’t you think?

And finally, we venture outside the city with Dennis Pang as he paid a visit to the Fraser River Lodge in Agassiz, British Columbia courtesy of the fine folks at Ford. This is similar to the trip I took with Nokia in 2010, except Dennis learned some real life skills… like carving a totem pole and posing with a giant fish that he didn’t catch. That’s going back to basics!