Lenovo Yoga Notebooks

My first CES was way back in 2008. At the time, while I had attended other trade shows and events, I had never experienced something on such a massive scale. The International Consumer Electronics Show is positively gigantic, covering the entirety of the Las Vegas Convention Center and taking over several of the hotels on and off the Las Vegas Strip as well. And now, I get to it do it for 8th time with CES 2015.

You could say that I’ve become a seasoned veteran of the show and I’ve learned many lessons from my past experiences there.

It’s not a particularly bright idea, for example, to be playing poker well into the night when you know full-well that you’ve got an early morning meeting with yet another tech company. Followed by a full day of running from appointment to appointment. Followed by trying to get the coverage up (and maintaining the work I already do for other clients). Followed by networking dinners and industry events.

Make no mistake: covering a trade show the size and scope of CES 2015 is hardly a vacation.

But you know what? CES represents one of those rare opportunities to catch up with company reps and fellow tech journalists, many of whom I only see in person during shows like this. This year is a little different, though, as our schedule has us leaving town on the day that CES 2015 officially begins. Maybe Stephen and I won’t be as frazzled and overworked as we’ve been in previous years.

Fung Needs His Coffee

Expect to see our CES 2015 coverage published on MEGATechNews and Futurelooks over the course of the next week or so. I’m sure there’ll be a few gems. And yes, before you ask, I do hope to give away some swag upon my return too.